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Associated with Christ Part 2: Learning

Posted by Adam Moore on

We began this series yesterday by asking ourselves the question, "Are you ready?"  As Pastor Dan mentioned on Sunday, one of the most important steps to readying ourselves to meet Christ is growing in our knowledge and understanding of the Lord.  We must ask ourselves: Are we continually growing in our knowledge of the Scriptures and the Savior they point to?  We aim to do just that each week as we corporately gather, but must also pursue this goal as individuals and families during the week.  Listed below is just a sampling of resources that we can use as followers of Christ to know Him better and to understand this world from a biblical perspective.

Bible Reading Plans

Year Long Devotion Books

Online Resources:

There are endless other possibilities for studying the Scriptures in 2016, but these are a few good places to start.  It is our prayer that these would help you dive into the Scriptures in the coming year as we seek to grow in our knowledge of Christ and the Gospel.


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