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Habitually Associated with Christ

Posted by Adam Moore on

Are we ready?  This is a question that is frequently asked around our home.  For the almost seven years Ashley and I have been married we are frequently preparing to leave together and checking to make sure we will be ready to leave.  This task has become a little more difficult as we now try to leave with our seven month old Elliot.  Is he dressed? Do we have his bag?  Did we remember toys?  There are endless questions we ask each other to make sure we are adequately prepared and ready to leave our house. 

On Sunday Pastor Dan challenged the church to consider if we were "getting ready" for the return of Christ.  He asked this question, "What would it look like if you and I constantly and habitually associated with Jesus Christ?"

Just like our family spends time each day preparing all the necessities for a trip out, we as believers should be dedicating time to preparing for the coming of Christ.  During his message he explained three different avenues that are available to the follower of Christ to continually associate with Jesus and prepare for His return:

  • Learning
  • Putting away sin
  • Worship

Over the next few days we will post a few helpful resources that seek to be helpful in each of these three areas.  Check back Tuesday morning for the first post which will give us resources for learning more about Christ and His gospel in 2016.



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