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New Service FAQ's

Posted by Adam Moore on

Beginning on September 13th, we will have two morning worship services.  As we make this transition, here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers.  If you would like to follow up or ask a different question, our pastoral team would love to speak with you.

Does this mean that we have to find twice as many Sunday School teachers?

No it does not. Most of the Sunday School classes will remain the same, with one or two classes moving to the 11am time slot. The FBC Kids worship that has been taking place on Sunday night will move to 11am and take the place of Children’s Church. Therefore, at this time, there will be no need for an influx of new teachers.


How will this affect my children?

Your children’s Sunday School class will now be meeting 15 minutes earlier and they will have the option to attend Kids Worship for the entire hour at 11am. If a parent would like for their child to attend worship with them they have that option. If a parent would prefer their kid to attend Modern Worship and then FBC Kids worship, that is also an option. There will now be a greater level of flexibility for parents, but nothing taken away. Also, teachers will walk their classes to Kids Worship after Sunday School. Therefore, all parent pick up will be at the Kids Worship area.


How will this affect me if I want to continue Sunday School at 9:30 and worship at 11:00 am?

Other than the 15 additional minutes for Sunday School, there will be no change.


Why 9:30 instead of 9:45?

The additional 15 minutes is necessary in order to give the worship service the necessary 60-70 minutes and allow 15 minutes in between services. As well, it helps with a frequent problem for our Sunday School classes. One of the most frequent comments we get is that classes wish they had more time. Now the class will have an additional 15 minutes to use how they see fit. One class might prefer for that to be a fellowship time as their members arrive, while another desires to allow for an additional 15 minute to be used for extended teaching time or prayer.


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