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Regathering Phase One - Gathering Together in Homes

Posted by Kevin Blalock on

We know you want to be together, we know God wants His people together (Hebrews 10:25) and we know you want worship to be safe. The Lord grants us wisdom (James 1:5) and that is what we are seeking as we re-unite the local church over the next few months.

The first step for us in regathering is to worship in homes with 2-3 other families. Starting May 17 we are encouraging you to gather in a home with 2-3 other families or friends following CDC guidelines. You can stream our worship service though our Facebook page or our website.

 We have answered some common questions below about worshiping together in homes, and also some tips/helps for leading a home gathering.

Why meet in a home? In the future, groups will be able to meet on our campus. As we start to regather, meeting together in small groups in homes can provide an initial step back into community for all of us who have primarily been at home for such a long period. This gathering also provides opportunities for fellowship, community and connection that we have been missing. Worshiping online has been great, but nothing replaces real community. 

Who should meet? Only those who are comfortable doing so. Those who are in vulnerable health categories should give extra consideration before deciding to meet in homes with other families. No one who is sick or experiencing symptoms of being sick should meet. We recommend following the CDC guidelines and the South Carolina Department of Health recommendations.

Getting Started: Here are some questions to consider: 

1. Who might be interested in gathering for at-home worship? Consider starting with those in your Sunday school classes or those that live in your neighborhood.

2. Is your house a good meeting location?

3. Who would facilitate the gathering? The host may or may not also lead.

4. How would you set up your home to accommodate guests safely? 

Hosting & Leading a Group:

1. Singing out loud together might seem awkward, but embrace it!

2. If you have extra Bibles, pull them out for those who might not have one.

3. Have listening and discussion guides ready (more on this below)

4. Set up technology ahead of time to make sure it is working properly for you to stream the worship service.

Recommended gathering flow:

1. Gather and welcome

2. Opening prayer

3. Share life updates/prayer requests

4. Watch service online

5. Walk through discussion questions: Each week we will provide (via Facebook and our website) discussion questions for groups to utilize after the service for application. 

6. Pray together and close 


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