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Scripture Alone

Posted by Bob Calvert on

We are celebrating the 500th year of the beginning of the Reformation.  Each Sunday we are preaching through the 5 “solas” of the Reformation:  Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria.  These were Latin phrases or slogans that summarized the theological convictions of those leading the Reformed movement.  Translated it means:  Scripture alone.  Faith alone, Grace alone, Christ alone, To the glory of God alone.   

This Sunday we will talk about “Scripture Alone.”  As Baptists, we hold a high view of Scripture believing the Bible is God’s only Word.  We will not be able to cover all the verses of how wonderful the Scriptures are this Sunday, so I have included a few in this blog for you to review on your own:  Psalm 119; John 20:30-31; Luke 1:1-4, 70; Acts 1:1-8; 3:18, 21; Romans 1:1-5; 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:4, 11; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21; 2 Samuel 23:2; 1 Chronicles 28:19; Revelation 22:18.

If a follower of the Lord Jesus wants to grow in relation to Him, by the way, it is a command to do so, he or she must constantly hear His Word (Rom. 10:17), read His Word (Rev. 1:3), study His Word (Acts 17:11), memorize How Word (Psalm 119:9,11); meditate on His Word (Psalm 1:2-3); and obey His Word (James 1:22-25).

A good place to start is reading the Bible on a daily basis.  After I committed my life to the Lord Jesus I was challenged to have a “quiet time” every day.  This was a devotional time of reading God’s Word.  I had no idea how to start until the pastor gave out a handout to explain how a “quiet time” worked.  I was elated to finally know what a “quiet time” was and how to have one.

I started out very simply with this short outline while reading Mark’s Gospel:
30 seconds—Pray a prayer asking God’s guidance in reading His Word.
2 minutes—Read the Bible—the Gospel of Mark.
2 minutes—Pray about and record what I just read by asking 2 questions:
                        1.  What did I learn about Jesus from the text or what Biblical principle did I learn from the text?
                        2.  How was I going to apply what I learned to my life that day?
30 seconds—Pray a prayer asking God to help me apply the truths I learned that day.

Granted, it did not take me l long to progress past 5 minutes.  I got so excited about God’s Word that I surpassed that time mark and had to set a new limit because I was reading much larger passages in the Bible.  All one has to do is elongate the time.  An example is:  Pray for 2.5 minutes; Read the Bible for 10 minutes; Pray and record for 10 minutes; Pray for 2.5 minutes.

My question today is, “Will you be willing to spend at least 5 minutes in God’s Word every day over the next month?”  Allow me to give you some tips on how to accomplish this task.

1.  Choose a place to have the Quiet Time that is free from distraction.  I have a specific chair I like to sit in.
2.  Choose a time that is free from distraction.  I choose to have a Quiet Time in the morning before everything gets busy.
3.  Choose a good translation of the Bible.  We use the English Standard Version here at FBC during worship.  I personally use the New American Standard.  There are many other good translations.
4.  Choose a method of recording what God teaches you.  I trust God to speak to me every day.  I hope you will too.  I record what I learn on a Bible program on my phone because I do not write legibly by hand.  My wife has beautiful handwriting so she chooses to use pen and paper.
5.  Choose to tell someone what God is teaching you.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  Let me know how you are progressing.

Be blessed,
Pastor Bob


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