Warrior Ministry

The members and staff of First Baptist Church, in an effort to show our appreciation of your family's great sacrifice, have organized a "Warrior Ministry" to serve military families. This ministry honors, ministers to, and prays for you and your family. We have several ways, listed below, that we have committed to serve our military congregants. By filling out and submitting the correct form at the bottom of this page, you will help ensure that this ministry accomplishes its goal in helping you stay mission ready in your soul! 

1. Support a Warrior (and their family) Ministry

We recognize that most military personnel and their families serve our country at bases far away from their family of origin. We would like to help bridge that gap and become a family away from family. Please contact us at  . We would like to offer the following opportunities: 

  • Monthly meal with your FBC family
  • Invitations to join family gatherings (fireworks, football games, etc.) 
  • Support before, during, and after deployment- However that looks for you or your family

2. Prayer

We would love to present your needs before our gracious heavenly Father in prayer. If your needs can be shared with others in our congregation, we will gladly share them with our adult Sunday school class leaders so they can join you in intercession. Please email us at  with your prayer requests. 

3. Take a Warrior to Lunch

No commitment needed! If you are newly stationed at SHAW AFB, we would love to take you to Sunday lunch. Please email us at  to sign up.

4. Honor Our Military

We would like to honor, during our worship service, every military individual who is being deployed or at home on leave. If he or she will be attending a service prior to deployment, or after they have come home, please email us at . We understand the sensitive nature of your service and will work with you to adhere to OPSEC and PERSEC rules. 

Fill Out a Questionnaire: 

Let us know how we can serve you! Please fill out the appropriate questionnaire below and we will be in touch with you very shortly! 

Unaccompanied Service Member Questionnaire

Accompanied Service Member Questionnaire

Volunteer Questionnaire:

If you are willing to volunteer in this ministry, please fill out the form below!

Volunteer Questionnaire